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Motivations & Learning Outcomes


Before taking this course, you must have:

  • A basic understanding of programming fundamentals, such as variables, conditionals, loops, and functions.

  • Some basic experience with a C-style programming language syntax (such as C++, Java, C#, Swift, or JavaScript).

Is this course for you?

This course explains the mathematics behind raycasting and takes the student in a journey to create a full raycasting scene with JavaScript and C. To make the most out of this course, you should know the basic elements of any C-style language (JavaScript, Java, C#, etc). If you always wanted to learn how Wolfenstein3D managed to get super amazing graphics and learn how trigonometry and simple math can help you with game development, then this course is definitely for you!
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Is this course for you?

What you'll learn

Course overview and structure

This course covers the full implementation of a raycasting engine using C. The course starts with the explanation of the mathematics behind raycasting and uses JavaScript to create a quick prototype to test the topics covered. Once we are done with the basics, we leave JavaScript and start using the C language to create a complete working version of a raycasting engine, including textured walls, color buffer, and a full discussion on working with C. You'll learn the fundamentals of C, use the SDL library to handle graphics and manipulate color buffer values to make your own raycasting scene.
Buy $11.99
What you'll learn
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Course Content

  • 2
    2D Map and Player Movement
  • 3
    Ray Casting
    • Defining the Field of View
    • Source Code (Download)
    • Finding Wall Hit
    • Finding Grid Intersections
    • Horizontal Intersections
    • Source Code (Download)
    • Vertical Intersections
    • Source Code (Download)
  • 4
    Rendering Walls
    • Wall Projection
    • Coding the Wall Rendering
    • Source Code (Download)
    • Fixing the Fishbowl Distortion
    • Source Code (Download)
    • Wall Shading (Proposed Activity)
    • Wall Transparency
    • Source Code (Download)
  • 5
    Concluding the JavaScript Project
    • Polishing our Code
    • Source Code (Download)
    • Solid-Color Walls (Proposed Activity)
    • Source Code (Download)
    • Progress Check and Next Steps
  • 6
    Starting our C Project
    • First Steps in C
    • Creating a Makefile
    • Windows MinGW Installation
    • Creating a SDL Window
    • Source Code (Download)
    • Rendering SDL Rectangles
    • Source Code (Download)
  • 7
    Creating a Game Loop
    • Fixing the Game Loop Time Step
    • Implementing the Delta Time
    • Source Code (Download)
  • 8
    SDL Map and Player Movement
    • Drawing the 2D Map with SDL
    • SDL Input and Player Movement
    • Wall Collision
    • Source Code (Download)
  • 9
    Ray Casting in C
    • Ray Struct and FOV
    • Horizontal and Vertical Intersections
    • Rendering Rays
    • Source Code (Download)
  • 10
    Color Buffer
    • The Color Buffer
    • Color Buffer Implementation
    • Malloc and Free
    • Source Code (Download)
  • 11
    Wall Projection
    • Creating the Wall Projection
    • Source Code (Download)
    • Ceiling and Floor (Proposed Activity)
    • Ceiling and Floor Implementation
    • Source Code (Download)
  • 12
    Wall Textures
    • Thinking of Textures
    • Creating a Texture
    • Mapping Texture to Wall
    • Applying Textures to Wall Strips
    • Source Code (Download)
    • Multiple Textures
    • Multiple Texture Code
    • Source Code (Download)
    • Loading PNG File Data
    • Source Code (Download)
  • 13
    Finishing Touches and Optimizations
    • Quick Thoughts on C Strings
    • Fixed-Size Types
    • Small Optimizations
  • 14
    Moving Forward
    • Similar Courses


  • Gustavo Pezzi

    Senior Lecturer

    Gustavo Pezzi

    Gustavo teaches computer science and mathematics at BPP University, London. He researches how teaching game programming can help enhance awareness and understanding of mathematics and physics. He is also a professional software engineer with more than 10 years of experience, with an industry background in 3D systems, games, web systems, databases, and data science. His academic path includes institutions such as Pittsburg State University, City University of London, and University of Oxford.