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This short course expands the ideas behind Bitshift operations. In 1 hour you'll understand the math behind shifting bits right and left, and learn when and how to use them in your code. Enrol now and understand the mechanics of bitshifting and how it can help you as a programmer.
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Motivations & Learning Outcomes

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Course Content

  • 1
    Introduction and Motivations
    • Introduction and Learning Outcomes
  • 2
    Base System Multiplication and Division
    • Numbers and Positional Notation
    • Multiplication and Division in Base 10
    • Multiplication and Division in Base 2
    • Quiz: Positional Notation & Counting
  • 3
    Bitshift in Context
    • Processor Instructions
    • Code Example
    • Wolfenstein 3D Source Code (Download)
    • Quiz: Coding & Bitshift Operators
    • Arithmetic and Logical Shifts
  • 4
    • Relevance and Applications of Bitshifting
  • 5
    Moving Forward
    • Copyright & Content Distribution
    • Similar Courses


  • Gustavo Pezzi

    Senior Lecturer

    Gustavo Pezzi

    Gustavo teaches computer science and mathematics at BPP University, London. He studies how teaching game programming can help enhance awareness and understanding of basic mathematics and physics. He is also a professional programmer with several years of experience in the computing industry. His academic path includes institutions such as Pittsburg State University, City University of London, and University of Oxford.